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CitiBikes – No Shiny

This just in:

There will be no shiny blue Citi Bikes on the streets of New York until March.

Mayor Bloomberg cites “software issues.”

More here.

So the score stands.

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CitySmart: A Super Late Revisit

Remember the CitySmart packet from a few years back? At the time, I made a

final list of items that I find practical, useful, and plan to keep/use for at last a short while

Here’s what I actually did with them:
  1. “watch for bikes” mirror sticker 
    Tossed. Don’t need it on my own car since I do watch for bikes, and never did get the opportunity to slap that on a mirror of a car that nearly killed me.
  2. CitySmart Reflective stickers from two different packets
    When you turn some of them upside down, they look like robots:

    Robot Reflective Stickers

    Aren’t they adorable? I imagine they’re shouting things like, “Awww MAN! You parked in the bike lane!”

  3. Green ID holder
    Honestly I have no idea where this went.
  4. Walk Boston East Cambridge Map, for next time I visit my friends who live in that neighborhood
    Who am I kidding: I hardly ever walk when biking is an option.
  5. 2010 CharlieCard discount book to flip through at least one more time (and then probably give away)
    I did flip through it one more time, and ended up using the CharlieCard discount for a visit to the MIT Museum. It’s a good deal!
  6. Getting Around in Cambridge map, plus distance guide overlay
    Also tossed. I wanted to use this for when we have guests, but my guests end up riding with their host (me). Seeing as I know my way, the map is moot.
  7. Cambridge Police Department Bicycle Registration Card
    I registered my bike! …although I can’t tell you where I stored the registration info at the moment.
  8. Coupons for: Menotomy, Broadway Bicycle School, The Bicycle Exchange, and maybe Urban Adventours
    All expired before I got to use them.
  9. Rubel’s Boston Bikemap
    This is the best. Always have at least one copy of this.
  10. CitySmart keychain
  11. CitySmart pedometer
    See #4.
  12. Patch kit
    Yes!  Can never get enough patch kits between my civi/SCUL bikes.

BONUS: the tote is definitely still in heavy rotation as one of my go-to lunch/grocery bags.

Here’s their official report. I’m discovering it very belatedly (lesson: life continues when blogging goes on hiatus).



CitiBike 0, Hubway 1.

NY Bike Share due this summer. Buuuut

with Labor Day looming, the city’s bike-share program, to be the largest in the country and once promised for July, has not yet hit the streets.

Meanwhile, in Boston and beyond:

The gray and green bicycles of the popular Hubway regional bike-share program have become ubiquitous in Boston and now will spread into the nearby communities of Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline.

Check out the locations of their new stations here.

Thank you, Nicole Freeman!

Which reminds me – Does anybody know who is the new Boston Bicycle Programs Director? Google got me no news (in the last 5 minutes). Did they fill the position? Are they even looking?

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