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Another way to put it

I recently, belatedly, discovered Bikeyface.

I’d like to grow up* to be more like Bekka. I constantly struggle with the frustrations of being an urban cyclist. The thought that one simple inconsiderate act or lack of attention (from motorists and/or another cyclist) can take away a life — it makes my blood boil. The results are that I basically resemble this guy**, or at the very least I sound a whole lot like him (with perhaps more expletives).

I’m not helping.

Bikeyface shares aspects of bicycle safety with both cyclists and motorist in easily digestible comics. She masterfully illustrates (see what I did there?) how to best share the road without being confrontational, so that critical feedback is much more acceptable and effective. Sure, she also shares some frustrations here and there, but they are all delivered with a healthy portion of smiles** and funnies.

Thank you, Bikeyface! You help make the rest of us look less like jerks.

*Actual age & age difference irrelevant
**See Bekka’s original post here

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