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103.852 Miles Later

So. Many. Hills.

We climbed them. On 100lb chopper, tall bike, fixie with trailer, many single speeds. Add some fancy lights and speakers, + a whole lot of questionable/recycled components, and you have a SCUL Intergalatic Mission.

My ship (that’s SCUL speak for ‘bike’)¬†sports a banana seat (ow) with tall sissy bars, carrying cargo that no doubt created way more drag than I needed. I am grateful to have threespeeds to spare this year (last year I went 109 miles on a single speed, albeit on way flatter terrain), and definitely used all three (particularly¬†the lowest gear).

103.852 looks like this on a Google map.

1. important components of my bubble dispenser
2. one of my two favorite hair clips of all time.

1. new respect for my thighs and the subsequent “good job, legs!” dance
2. some bragging rights.

Totally worth the trip.