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Not Your Fault?

During my commute to work this morning, a cyclist ahead of me was doored by a woman exiting a parked car just before the intersection of Beacon/Hampshire St and Cambridge St.

I didn’t stop as I rolled by (he got up just fine, no limping, said that he was ok when I asked), but saw that his front basket was knocked out of place and maybe something else was wonky with his handlebars. I did suggest that they maybe call the police since it was technically a car accident.

Here’s what troubled me: As I approached I heard the cyclist mumbling “…sorry…due to happen at some point…,” looking extremely apologetic.

Granted, I did not actually see the door-ing since I had my eye on another vehicle who was about to pull into my path just as the accident took place.  But I confirmed with the cyclist that he was indeed doored – and I just can’t think of any situation where it could possibly be the cyclist’s fault to be doored.

The woman in the car got out, looked slightly guilty but never apologized.

The whole thing was very odd.

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