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CitiBikes To Hit the Streets Like It’s Going Out of Style

New Yorkers displayed their pent-up demand for a bike-sharing program, expected to roll out in May, when the earliest batch of keys sold out in less than two days.

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NYC CitiBikes Almost There!

With the birth of baby Vesper (who is related to me) a couple of weeks ago, I’m now more motivated than ever to head down to NY more often. This reminded me that I wanted to follow up on the NYC bike share system after they announced the delay last fall, so I did a bit of Googling to see how they’re doing.

The first bikes have arrived in Brooklyn! And look at all the promised stations!  They’re due to launch in May, so very soon!

No surprise to anyone, I’m sure, that it’s a hair more expensive as compared to Hubway.

Otherwise the structure is pretty similar:

  • Pay for a certain membership/pass to get in to ride
  • Both have annual membership.
  • Both have 24-hour passes.
  • CitiBikes offers a 7-day pass and Hubway has a 3-day pass.

Any additional charges come from rides over x minutes.

  • Hubway: Extra charges by 30min increments, for both annual members and folks on passes.
  • Citibikes: Annual members get 45min before the first fee. Additional fees at 30min increments. For riders on passes, all their fees are based on 30min increments.

(Double check my reading comprehension here and here.)

Pretty excited for NYC. Hubway has been wonderful for Greater Boston since its birth. Many of my non-cycling friends and colleagues are now expressing interest (well, they’re not all early adaptors, alright?) in getting a Hubway membership because “now that it’s everywhere. Might be fun to ride around town!” The stations resurfaced in the last couple of weeks after winter hibernation. Even though I’ve got my own ride, seeing them give me an boost of Feels Like Spring.

Can’t wait to see what CitiBikes does for NY. Lookin’ good so far!…except for the whole CitiBank paid for a bunch of it so their branding is all over everything and – Aaaanyway.