CitySmart: A Super Late Revisit

Remember the CitySmart packet from a few years back? At the time, I made a

final list of items that I find practical, useful, and plan to keep/use for at last a short while

Here’s what I actually did with them:
  1. “watch for bikes” mirror sticker 
    Tossed. Don’t need it on my own car since I do watch for bikes, and never did get the opportunity to slap that on a mirror of a car that nearly killed me.
  2. CitySmart Reflective stickers from two different packets
    When you turn some of them upside down, they look like robots:

    Robot Reflective Stickers

    Aren’t they adorable? I imagine they’re shouting things like, “Awww MAN! You parked in the bike lane!”

  3. Green ID holder
    Honestly I have no idea where this went.
  4. Walk Boston East Cambridge Map, for next time I visit my friends who live in that neighborhood
    Who am I kidding: I hardly ever walk when biking is an option.
  5. 2010 CharlieCard discount book to flip through at least one more time (and then probably give away)
    I did flip through it one more time, and ended up using the CharlieCard discount for a visit to the MIT Museum. It’s a good deal!
  6. Getting Around in Cambridge map, plus distance guide overlay
    Also tossed. I wanted to use this for when we have guests, but my guests end up riding with their host (me). Seeing as I know my way, the map is moot.
  7. Cambridge Police Department Bicycle Registration Card
    I registered my bike! …although I can’t tell you where I stored the registration info at the moment.
  8. Coupons for: Menotomy, Broadway Bicycle School, The Bicycle Exchange, and maybe Urban Adventours
    All expired before I got to use them.
  9. Rubel’s Boston Bikemap
    This is the best. Always have at least one copy of this.
  10. CitySmart keychain
  11. CitySmart pedometer
    See #4.
  12. Patch kit
    Yes!  Can never get enough patch kits between my civi/SCUL bikes.

BONUS: the tote is definitely still in heavy rotation as one of my go-to lunch/grocery bags.

Here’s their official report. I’m discovering it very belatedly (lesson: life continues when blogging goes on hiatus).


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