THANKSGIVE to Somerville Leaders!

UPDATE 11/25/15

Jennifer wrote back!! She added this list of folks to contact for thanks, on the repaving project:

Below is a list of officials involved in advocating for the repaving Beacon as an interim measure. I also included our district contacts over at MassDOT. Feel free to drop them a email!

Stanley Koty

Michael Glavin
Brad Rawson

Suzanne Rinfret
Terry Smith

The Mayor


Frank G. Suszynski

Paul Stedman

Go spray thanks everywhere, folks.


Have you been enjoying your ride up and down Beacon/Hampshire St? YES you have!
Have you seen this amazing message at the head of Beacon St? (You have now!)


I wrote to Somerville Deputy Chief Stephen Carrabino about both things. Some of you might know that Officer Carrabino is a regular bicycle commuter and has been super helpful in supporting bicycle culture. At any rate, this was what he wrote in reply:

I can’t take any of the credit on the new pavement. The Somerville Bicycle Committee, Brad Rawson, and Jennifer Molina from City Hall get all of the credit on that one.

I can, however, share in the credit on the signs. I had three signboards put out about a week ago. I have to say that I do feel proud of them. I’m glad you like the message, too. We’re getting there. Unfortunately, with daylight savings, I can only leave them out there for another week, but I will put them out there in the spring.

Thanks for dropping me a line. I usually only have negative things coming my way.

Take care,

So, hey, it’s Thanksgiving. If you’ve been happier during your commute thanks to one of these two improvements, let the helpers know that their hard work has made a difference to your daily trip to/from work. A little bit of thanks goes a long way, so let’s give them a whole lot of bits to help them go the many extra long miles.

Stephen Carrabino

Brad Rawson

Jennifer Molina

And here’s some boilerplate notes to get you started:

Beacon St is AMAZING. Every day I ride on it and I marvel at how it could be the same street that was the Swiss Cheese Nightmare

The sign this morning at the corner of Beacon/Oxford: It’s really the best sign that any city has every put up that I’ve seen for educating drivers.

Go! Off to get on with all your thanking! Go! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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  1. Paul Schimek Said,

    January 6, 2016 @ 10:42 am

    It’s great that Beacon Street has been repaved. The variable message sign is also great.

    But I’m afraid both of those things are about to be undone by the planned cycle track project, which will tell bicyclists and motorists: bicyclists must use sidewalk, must stay off the real street, must slow down so they can avoid pedestrians suddenly walking across the sidewalk. This will be particularly a problem on the downhill sections where bicyclists can easily be going 20 mph or more.

    So enjoy it while it lasts. Perhaps the commuter cyclists who regularly use this route — since it is fastest and most direct for many — will not be so happy with what they see once the “improvements” are completed.

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