CitiBikes – No Shiny

This just in:

There will be no shiny blue Citi Bikes on the streets of New York until March.

Mayor Bloomberg cites “software issues.”

More here.

So the score stands.

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CitySmart: A Super Late Revisit

Remember the CitySmart packet from a few years back? At the time, I made a

final list of items that I find practical, useful, and plan to keep/use for at last a short while

Here’s what I actually did with them:
  1. “watch for bikes” mirror sticker 
    Tossed. Don’t need it on my own car since I do watch for bikes, and never did get the opportunity to slap that on a mirror of a car that nearly killed me.
  2. CitySmart Reflective stickers from two different packets
    When you turn some of them upside down, they look like robots:

    Robot Reflective Stickers

    Aren’t they adorable? I imagine they’re shouting things like, “Awww MAN! You parked in the bike lane!”

  3. Green ID holder
    Honestly I have no idea where this went.
  4. Walk Boston East Cambridge Map, for next time I visit my friends who live in that neighborhood
    Who am I kidding: I hardly ever walk when biking is an option.
  5. 2010 CharlieCard discount book to flip through at least one more time (and then probably give away)
    I did flip through it one more time, and ended up using the CharlieCard discount for a visit to the MIT Museum. It’s a good deal!
  6. Getting Around in Cambridge map, plus distance guide overlay
    Also tossed. I wanted to use this for when we have guests, but my guests end up riding with their host (me). Seeing as I know my way, the map is moot.
  7. Cambridge Police Department Bicycle Registration Card
    I registered my bike! …although I can’t tell you where I stored the registration info at the moment.
  8. Coupons for: Menotomy, Broadway Bicycle School, The Bicycle Exchange, and maybe Urban Adventours
    All expired before I got to use them.
  9. Rubel’s Boston Bikemap
    This is the best. Always have at least one copy of this.
  10. CitySmart keychain
  11. CitySmart pedometer
    See #4.
  12. Patch kit
    Yes!  Can never get enough patch kits between my civi/SCUL bikes.

BONUS: the tote is definitely still in heavy rotation as one of my go-to lunch/grocery bags.

Here’s their official report. I’m discovering it very belatedly (lesson: life continues when blogging goes on hiatus).



CitiBike 0, Hubway 1.

NY Bike Share due this summer. Buuuut

with Labor Day looming, the city’s bike-share program, to be the largest in the country and once promised for July, has not yet hit the streets.

Meanwhile, in Boston and beyond:

The gray and green bicycles of the popular Hubway regional bike-share program have become ubiquitous in Boston and now will spread into the nearby communities of Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline.

Check out the locations of their new stations here.

Thank you, Nicole Freeman!

Which reminds me – Does anybody know who is the new Boston Bicycle Programs Director? Google got me no news (in the last 5 minutes). Did they fill the position? Are they even looking?

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Another way to put it

I recently, belatedly, discovered Bikeyface.

I’d like to grow up* to be more like Bekka. I constantly struggle with the frustrations of being an urban cyclist. The thought that one simple inconsiderate act or lack of attention (from motorists and/or another cyclist) can take away a life — it makes my blood boil. The results are that I basically resemble this guy**, or at the very least I sound a whole lot like him (with perhaps more expletives).

I’m not helping.

Bikeyface shares aspects of bicycle safety with both cyclists and motorist in easily digestible comics. She masterfully illustrates (see what I did there?) how to best share the road without being confrontational, so that critical feedback is much more acceptable and effective. Sure, she also shares some frustrations here and there, but they are all delivered with a healthy portion of smiles** and funnies.

Thank you, Bikeyface! You help make the rest of us look less like jerks.

*Actual age & age difference irrelevant
**See Bekka’s original post here

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Shiny black truck, MA License plate: RT68BN

Hello. I see you by the Cambridge DPW pulling out across Hampshire.
Reminder: I had the right of way, you had a stop sign. Please yield to me.
I thank me for slamming on my brakes so not to be killed by you.
Please be careful. Thanks.


100.3 More Miles

SCUL headed north! Secret Asian SCULly carried me safely to and from. That ship is racking up some serious lightyears. She needs better lasers placement, though.

SCUL Century 2010 Operation War of 100 Light Years

Completely cooperative New England fall day. Super, super posi crew. Incredible re-entry speed.

Thank you,  Mission leaders (nav/tail). Thank you, team.

Knees/bum are all doing great!


Where not to park

Hello, Cambridge Police Officer on motorcycle parked in bike lane this morning with two 8s in your license plate. There was plenty of space for you to pull in closer to the curb. I see you were jotting down some notes in your notebook – maybe it was a self reminder?

I don’t park my bike in the bike lane. Short of an emergency (no sign of one this morning), neither should you.

SFPD had to learn, too.


Intersections for Catching Red-Light Runners

Looky all the people talking about Boston PD’s ticketing of cyclists running red lights!

For PDs out there: a short list of  intersections that will net you a good number of red-light runners (think income):


  • Hampshire/Plymouth/Windsor intersection
    *sometimes you’ll also catch cyclists heading the wrong way on Windsor.
  • Mass Ave and Somerville
  • Mass Ave and Beech
  • Mossland and Somerville
  • Beacon and Park Street
  • Beacon and Somerville
  • Beacon and Kirkland
  • Hampshire and Broadway
  • Ames and Broadway
  • Broadway/Main St and Third
  • My guess is that many of those new lights on Somerville Ave are good picks, too


  • Charles Street, between Long Fellow Bridge and the Boston Common. Any of those lights will do.
  • School Street Street where it T intersects into Washington Street.
    Cyclists traveling on Washington Street always blow through this light.  Sadly, I’ve seen (more than once) Boston police officers on bikes run this light. While going the wrong way on Washington. Riding two abreast. Yea, it was all sorts of wrong.
  • Crosswalk on Cambridge St near Whole Foods and Joy St.
  • Summer and Chauncy.
    Once upon a time I was riding through a green on Summer. A police officer in a cruise nearly hit me while making a right from Chauncy onto Summer. He yelled at me for not paying attention, and insisted that I must yield to police vehicles. I reminded him that I had the green and his emergency lights were not on. He started to say “be careful who you raise your voice at..” and I rode off – during my green light – unimpressed.

And here’s one for the cycling team: While you’re out there ticketing, PDs, please, please put more sets of eyes on this one intersection:

Cambridge St heading to Longfellow Bridge, in front of Liberty Hotel and Charles/MGH T stop.

Cars waiting to turn off Cambridge onto Soldiers Field Rd, and cars coming off the ramp heading toward Charles street routinely cut off cyclists going into Cambridge, heading straight. I have been in more accidents and close calls at this intersection than any other intersections combined, in the seven years that I’ve tooled around Greater Boston on two wheels. (Before readers file this under my inability to ride safely:  I’ve been in less than five – thankfully small – accidents. This does not change my previous statement. The math is correct.)

From my understanding, this is one of those ambiguous intersections where the State Police and/or Boston Police can be called, in the event of an accident. (Insert long boring story of me trying to get ANY police officer to show up here after a hit-n-run) I don’t know who is responsible for this intersection today, but if you’re reading this and you are (or your department is), please be more proactive here before somebody gets killed.

Now off you go to make some money!

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CitySmart Kit – Bicycle Packet

CitySmart Bicycle Packet

My favorite packet! Oh no, not the least bit biased.

A: Go By Bike pamphlet from Why bike, types of bikes, equipment list, etc. Back side includes diagrams of bicycle laws and tips on avoiding collision.

B: Black and white photocopied version of a full color Minuteman Bikeway pamphlet. Photos are creepy, font way to small to read comfortably. Decent map of the whole path, though.

C: Patch kit! I’m impressed.

D: More CitySmart reflectors!

E: 9th Edition of Rubel’s Boston Bikemap. This single item is worth ordering this kit.

F: More coupons:

Greenward: 15% off bicycle accessories…but expired on 8/31/10.
Broadway Bicycle School: 1/2 hour of free teaching w/a shop mechanic during shop hours and 10% off any new parts and/or accessories (this is a very, very good deal). Expires 10/1/10.
Menotomy Bikes: 10% off. Expires 10/1/10. This is one of my top three favorite bike shops in the area.
The Bicycle Exchange: $25 off new adult bike, $15 off on bike tune up, $10 off on helmet or u-lock, 20% off one accessory. Not clear if I can get ALL those or just have to pick one (I don’t see the word ‘or’ anywhere). Excludes sale items. Expires 10/1/10.
Urban Adventours: 20% off regular 10am-2pm bike tours and hybrid rentals. Expires 10/1/10.

(Oops, Greenward!)

G: Cambridge Police Department Bicycle Registration Card. I’m very pleased to find this.

H: Bicycle Wayfinding Route map from CitySmart. Ok. I give up. I have no idea what a Wayfinding Route is. Not really sure what this map has that the Getting Around Cambridge map doesn’t already show in more details, not to mention the Rubel map that is already in this packet.

I: Bicycle Safety pamphlet from the Cambridge Police Department. I’d really like it if Cambridge officers would please ticket according to these laws that they’re handing out.

J: Take Your Bike for a Ride pamphlet from the MBTA, with info on bike rules on various transportation modes. The back shows photo and description of how to secure a bike to a bus equipped with bicycle rack, and tells you how they’re not responsible for any damages.

K: Bikes Not Bombs pamphlet with info on what they’re about, how to get involved, how to donate.

So, a final list of items that I find practical, useful, and plan to keep/use for at last a short while:

  1. “watch for bikes” mirror sticker
  2. CitySmart Reflective stickers from two different packets
  3. Green ID holder
  4. Walk Boston East Cambridge Map, for next time I visit my friends who live in that neighborhood
  5. 2010 CharlieCard discount book to flip through at least one more time (and then probably give away)
  6. Getting Around in Cambridge map, plus distance guide overlay
  7. Cambridge Police Department Bicycle Registration Card
  8. Coupons for: Menotomy, Broadway Bicycle School, The Bicycle Exchange, and maybe Urban Adventours
  9. Rubel’s Boston Bikemap
  10. CitySmart keychain
  11. CitySmart pedometer
  12. Patch kit

Also, I’ve used my tote for grocery shopping already.

You can pick which packets you want to receive and these few posts should help you decide.  If you’re looking for one packet to order: Definitely the bicycle packet. The Rubel map and patch are really wonderful tools to have around as a cyclists in this area.

Seriously, North Cambridge residents should get your tote now.  Took me two whole minutes to order. It is FREEDeadline is October 1st.

FREE. Thank me later.

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CitySmart Kit – Car, T, Pedestrian Packets

CitySmart Kit – Car Packet
The Car Packet was the Most Boring.

A: Note on tips for carpooling, things like “don’t be late,” “communicate,” and (basically) “how to play nice.”
B: 10 Simple Steps to Improve Air Quality pamphlet, from MassRides. In Spanish on the reverse side.
C: Travel Options pamphlet from MassRides. List of services front/back.
D: CitySmart keychain + red LED light.  Made in China.
E: Second useful things in one small packet: pretty good pen, also from MassRides.

CitySmart Kit – T Packet
T Packet:

Schedule of Fitchburg Line, goes right through Porter Sq. (N.Cambridge, where pilot program is in progress)
B: Good info on public transit in/around N. Cambridge, including: phone numbers, transit costs, and a complete list of buses that come through this area and where they start/end
C: 10 in ’10 MBTA Bus Challenge, from The Green Streets Initiative. Ride 10 different bus lines in Cambridge in 2010 and record them on this card, or online, and then join their awards celebration in Jan 2011. (Good idea, but I think I’ll just ride my bike.)
D: ID/card holder from the City of Cambridge thanking me for using public transportation (you’re welcome!)
E: All the area bus lines’ schedules (effective through September 3, 2010)
F: 2010 CharlieCard Discount Book. Pretty beefy list, and I had no idea flashing the CharlieCard can give me discounts. (If only I can trade in the discount for a cheaper card, that’d be swell.)

CitySmart Kit – Ped Packet
Pedestrian Packet: Ok, this packet is in the running for Most Boring.

A: About Walking pamphlet from walkBoston. Tips, facts, insights, and laws for pedestrians.
B: Totally redeems the packet: CitySmart to the rescue and includes a step-counter pedometer that I will figure out one day (how does it know!?)
C: a walkBoston map for East Cambridge. Curious. Will consult the T packet for a bus to E. Cambridge. (some neat historical buildings + info though! Would love one like it for N. Cambridge. Maybe the buildings here aren’t as interesting.)
D: Pedestrian Signals pamphlet. Stuff your parents should have noted when you were 4-ish.
E: Walk this Way pamphlet from City of Cambridge, adapted from  Walking for fitness tips, safety tips for pedestrians, drivers, benefits of walking. Photo of cute dog.


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