Inman Square: No left turn Day 1: police officer turns left

I captured this on day one of City of Cambridge’s plan to prohibit left turns at Inman Square: A police officer taking a left turn where prohibited.

Before anybody freaks out: I fully believe that police officers, in the event of emergencies, should have the freedom to break traffic laws in order to do their jobs to protect/serve. That’s what the sirens are for so we know to get out of the way. But breaking traffic laws for their own convenience, in my opinion, is simply an abuse of power. I see no emergency lights in this officer’s behavior (although I was pleased to see him use his left turn signal).

For reference, the image of prohibited turns are shown in the City’s article is here.

The travel of direction of this video goes from the top left corner of the photo to the bottom right. Clearly, we aren’t supposed to turn left there starting November 3rd – today.

I just find this …irresponsible. Doesn’t send the right message to the motorists, for sure.

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