The Responsibilities of Businesses with Drivers

Sharing a couple of encounters from the past week, one with a Hubway van and another with a Uber driver.

Hubway: Please educate your drivers. It’s their job to regularly pull over to park and balance the stations, they really really need to know to that when they do this without paying more attention they can injure cyclists/your clients. Here’s a video you can use as visual aid to have a chat with your whole staff and then also talk privately with the offender. You’re welcome.


The Uber driver encounter was almost humorous in retrospect. You might not be able to hear that I was trying my damnest to keep my voice steady and clam, but you can tell very easily hear that I was super impatient and interrupted his ridiculous excuse-making more than once. Note to Uber management: If you do nothing else with driver education, TELL THEM THAT THEIR PASSENGERS CANNOT GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO BREAK THE LAW. 

Know that when this sort of stuff happens, your business’ reputation is on the line and I most certainly think about whether to give you my business in the future. Just as irresponsible bus driver’s actions impact the reputation of MBTA, your brand will not be remembered fondly after too many instances like these.

Just one more thing, because I’ve known my share of careless management: Don’t fire people, ok? That’s unfair. If your drivers don’t know the proper way to share the road, that is YOUR responsibility as a company. So take it, and do something.

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