Swobo Adventures Pt 5 (Why I’ll Never buy Another Swobo Nor Another Bike from Wheelworks Ever Again)

(part 4)

Some time later, I found myself waiting for news on the shipped bike, and looking at a calendar that read December 15th. I called Ace, asked for lady.  We were now two weeks since the bike supposedly shipped from Swobo, and it is not at Ace. Lady rep asid she will “send them an email” to find out what is going on.

December 16th: lady rep called back (she’s so much better about this than other Ace folks), they have the frame at Ace! But: she wasn’t sure where the parts were. I assured her that Ace has the parts somewhere (feeling a bit like a mother by this point). She put me on hold, went to investigate, and returned with a confirmation.  She said,

“I was just given a frame and asked to deal with!”

There was no cost to reassemble the bike, which was good news. I then asked if I could pick it up that night, she said,

“Probably tomorrow,” and “we’ll call you when it’s ready.”

Tomorrow came. No longer surprised to not hear from Ace. My patience was running very, very low, but I gave yet another day, true to my padding technique. Wouldn’t you know it: the padding needed its own padding. On the 19th I made another call to Ace. They

– Didn’t know where the parts were and still haven’t located the parts, which meant
– No progress was made.

The original rep said:

“There’s some confusion on where the parts are after they were taken off the frame. You don’t have the parts, right?”

“No. and that was two days ago when you couldn’t find the parts.”

“Right. We’ll have this taken care of today, I will give you a call back.”  Yeah ohokay.

Original rep was probably surprised to hear me calling after all this time concerning that same issue he handled, and that it was still unresolved. Whatever the reason, he indeed called me back an hour later, to tell me that the parts were located and a mechanic was already working on reassembly.

Two hours later :  Mechanic called to tell me that the bike was ready, and within 5 minutes I was there. 15 minutes later I was taking photos, documenting.

Here’s repair, seat stage seen from above:

Seen from below:

Read on for Moral of the Story…

(part 6)

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