Swobo Adventures Pt 1 (Why I’ll Never buy Another Swobo Nor Another Bike from Wheelworks Ever Again)

August 11, 2009 (posted to Swobo.com, a review I wrote for the Dixon):

Picked up this bike last fall. 10 miles daily, all-weather riding around Greater Boston (also added studded tires for winter riding). Took it in for tune-up this week:
– replaced brake cable
– new chain (I’m terrible about wiping off salt/water)
– new brake pads/brakes adjustments

Other cyclists stop and ask about it often. One friend called it “mean,” in a good way.

Minor complaints:
– Higher gears are noisy
– Seat tends to slip unless I get a uber Allen wrench for more torque to tighten

Looking at the Azure blue Sanchez as my next bike!


Less than a month after this post, I decided to never buy another Swobo ever again.

(part 2)

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