Your Foot Here

One of my co-workers sent a link to me showing bars for stopped cyclists to lean on, in Copenhagen. It made me very happy, because it assumes:

– People are riding bicycles in the city,
– People are stopping at red lights, and
– People are fitted properly to their bicycles so that their feet don’t reach the ground when they’re stopped.

I’ve always¬† said that if you give people things, they will ask for more. I proved this true myself: What about tall bikes?¬† It’s even more crucial to have something to lean on when those are stopped. Imagine a city of tall bikes as main mode of transportation. Sweet!

In other news, on my ride into work today I saw a pretty Asian woman battling her adorable medium-sized black lab in on the Boston Common. I think some words like “Bad Dog!” “Behave!” and “No!” were shouted in Cantonese while the very happy/excited doggy dragged the owner around by the leash. It was rather entertaining.

(My Swobo is back! Story of its absence coming soon…)

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