• Followed a cyclist last week who said he was venturing into winter biking. Best part? He knew all the correct ways to cycle in the city! A happy addition to the Same Road Same Rules team.
  • Cyclist ahead of me this morning knocked on the window of a SUV to say “You’re in the bike lane,” (the car stopped at red with a couple of tires in the bike lane) and then proceeded to run a red light himself…. but H4ckw0r+h caught the whole thing on his helm-cam. Busted!
  • Happy to see NPR cover a story on cargo bikes. This prompted some comments in Facebook, including a link to more awesome cargo bikes that are probably not available in the U.S. One friend said “Groceries and do-dads fine, but I wouldn’t want my kids hanging out at tire/bumper level.” – true, but if our urban design continues to add more physically separated bicycle lanes, that concern becomes a none-issue (and then maybe we’ll get more cargo bike vendors).
  • A buddy at work is gearing up to ride through the winter! Good for him. Now if only I can get him to stop at red lights regularly…
  • One of my favorite lunch take-out spot finally gets a “tips” jar on their counter. Great food/variety/deal, I’m happy to give additional support.
  • December 14 and I’ve yet to begin my holiday shopping. Oops.
  • The Macy’s outdoor muzak cracks me up, reminds me of that part in a Disney Christmas movie where [character] runs hurriedly toward [loved ones/destination where the climax of the movie happens], crescendo and all.

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