Boston Bike Report 2009

Mics! Cameras! Powerpoint slides!

Last night Livable Streets Alliance Director Steve Miller and Boston Bikes Director Nicole Freedman spoke at the Boston Public Library to give the 2009 Boston Bike Report. The presentation was enjoyable: this was the first time I had sat in a Boston Bikes event, and I was

1. not bored by the historical ‘catch-up’ content, even though the info was familiar
2. engaged by both speakers’ ability to carry the crowd comfortably
3. impressed by the logistical fluidity of the whole production

My takeaways/event highlights:

  • Valet Bicycle parking by MassBike – yes, the gentleman stood outside in the cold for 2.5 hours to ensure the safety of my bicycle.
  • Boston Bike Share program coming in July 2010, if all goes well, which is sooner than I suspected
  • Art Rack competition some time in 2010, maybe similar to this?
  • MassBike’s Executive Director David Watson shared info on their education program: Same Road Same Rules

I am most excited about the SRSR initiative. My Polyanna vision is that all cyclists grow up to ride to this guide. If we get them young, it could work, right?  Of course, the car drivers have their guide, too, but let’s play nice and earn their respect.


  1. teeheehee Said,

    December 11, 2009 @ 1:47 pm

    I do believe the gentleman watching over the bikes in the valet was none other than Shane, our friendly owner of Sadly when I rolled up to the building I didn’t see the valet and I parked around the corner of the building, then later walked by the valet. It was a chilly night, so thank you Shane (even though I didn’t personally use the valet services!)

    I did feel the two people who asked questions directly targetting the Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods were not answered to their satisfaction. Their points were valid, if maybe not provided at the appropriate venue (in my opionion) – the maps for bike lanes or locking stations did not indicate relatively equal coverage in these places, in fact they hardly were covered at all.

  2. yourstruly Said,

    December 11, 2009 @ 2:45 pm

    D’oh! Would’ve loved to say ‘hey’ to Shane. Thank him for blog space, etc.

    Last night I went to the Dartmouth entrance first, saw no indication of valet parking. After asking the security guard at the front entrance if he knew anything about the event (he didn’t, and insisted that I move my bike immediately), I found another woman who directed me to the Boylston entrance. I don’t know if the library would allow it, but signage would’ve been really helpful. I almost gave up and went home… In fact, the valet parking was why I was able to go to the meeting, since I had forgotten to bring my lock with me to the office.

    I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this: I don’t know the various Boston neighborhoods as well as I do Cambridge. So when the Roxbury/Dorchester discussions began, I sort of zoned out a bit because I couldn’t fairly consider the questions/comments. If their points were indeed valid, I would’ve liked to see Boston Bikes offer an alternative venue/opportunity to further discuss the issue.

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