Unofficial Mission: Operation Suburbia Storm

On a freakishly warm and sunny New England November day, H4ckw0r+h and I hooked up with Threespeed and MsMoon for a ride into the ‘burbs.  Everything started off just fine (except this bruise I gave myself, because, apparently, I fail at flying my own ship): we picked up MsMoon from her station, proceeded to the Minutemen path, and then ventured off into deeper parts of Arlington, Lexington, and Lincoln. Threespeed and MsMoon navigated our pack on a tandem, I followed on SCULly, and h4ckw0r+h tailgunned on his civi-ship (earlier test flights showed that New Ship was not yet space-worthy) .

As the Day Star crawled toward the horizon, we stopped for a short break on the edge of Lincoln.  We decided to turn back and take a different route, knowing that the exact way back would give us some serious Negi g-wells.

5 minutes of cross-referencing Threespeed’s GPS device to his Rubel map, we were off again. The plan was to cross Route 2 and head for the Minuteman. We knew that some parts of Rt 2 out west were pedestrian-friendly, and the crossing we picked looked promising on both maps.

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